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Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 9.55.08 AM.pngYou guys know my deal: if it’s clinical, get it outta here. If it makes me feel like a victim, I don’t want it. If it makes me feel ugly, omg get away from me. But this, THIS, ladies and gentlemen…is what the world needs.

Poppy Medical, a jewelry design start-up founded by fellow T1D, Sarah Harmon, has the mission to make the over 50% of Americans with a life-threatening condition feel empowered to take their own safety and health into their own hands. These bracelets are
chic, simple, elegant, classy, subtle, and timeless. But most of all, they’re something that I would want to wear every day.

There are plenty of great medical ID companies that work just fine for some people. But because I fall into an awkwardly ignored age group, and a particularly picky demographic, until Poppy, I didn’t feel compelled to invest in anything.

So thank you, Sarah, for being brave enough to tackle a project this big. You’ve taken a big risk, are standing up for something so admirable, and your energy to change the landscape is very much appreciated and understood.

If you are able to in any way, PLEASE consider backing Poppy’s Kickstarter campaign. It’s time to get these bad boys produced (right here in the US-of-A!) and available to all the peeps probably banging on Sarah’s door to get these out on the market.

Thank you!


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