5 Quick Ways To Clean Up Your Act. Fast.

Feelin’ the weirds of a winter gone on far too long? #SAMMMMMEEEEEEUGHHHH. I’m currently sitting in my apartment while it simultaneously snows, sleets, thunders, and winds at like 5,000 iammothernaturehearmeroar MPH and it’s all a little too much for me.

IMG_1555I just got back from a long ski trip out in colorful Colorado, and had a little gut check with myself when I was out there. I do an absurd amount of thinking when I ski, I wonder if it’s because I’m wearing a helmet aka a thinking cap?!?! Anyway, from all of this thinking, I realized that I needed to clean up my act in a few life departments. My blood sugars have never ridden high through the night, and suddenly they were. My fear of bolusing for anything over 4u has become crippling, but so is the guilt of not covering anything over 4u. I’ve been particularly inconsistent about working out all winter, and carrying groceries to the F train doesn’t count. I sleep too much. I haven’t finished any of the books I started this winter. My skin could use some love. It’s been too long since I’ve called my grandma. I’m bummed about the status of our American political landscape because absolutely everyone is weird and angry. I’m not writing enough. I never see my far away friends. Blah blah blah and so on and so forth until I feel a little stressed out about a whole bunch o’ things.

Instead of going crazy and declaring moving to Bali and saying I’m never going to eat meat again, I’ve decided to take things slow. I don’t even need a full refresh, I just need to clean up my act a bit, find some quick and easy ways to get my confidence back up. My boss, and likely most professional humans, calls these SMART goals.
Specific. Measurable. Agreed Upon. Realistic. Time based. 

So without further ado, here are some excruciatingly simple ways that I’ve been able to quickly accomplished the feeling of “Ok, this isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly better” 

  1. Buns out. 
    I can’t feel afraid of covering a 50g meal and then subsequently guilty about not covering a 50g meal if I make the decision to only eat a 28g meal instead. Cutting carbs can be a challenge, but for the first time in my life, I’m feeling how worth it it is. I have had to make very few painful sacrifices; I’ll even still order my favorite fish tacos or burger, but I’ll just…ditch the bun/tortilla. I KNOW, I know, it’s not the same. But it’s yummy enough and everything is fine…everything. Is fine.  just cover that ish and get on with your bad self. 


2. Invest in the bouge.
66172I’ve been on a little kick lately where I feel so empowered to do good when I use real, clean products on my bod. The outside of our bodies is just as important as the inside, ya know? I recently got this bad boy: Stem Cellular moisturizer by Juice Beauty and I love it. It’s packed with nutrient-rich vitamins and things that come from the earth and it promises to make me not look like an old hag. I’LL TAKE IT. I’ve also been doing more thorough research on things like the cleaners in my house (I even got the goods to make my own all-natural cleaning potions!) It feels good to take responsibility for your holistic health. You know, the bigger picture. Not just your diabetes and blood sugars. There is more to our bodily function than just our lack of pancreatic activity, believe it or not!

3. Take a shot.
ginger-citrusFINALLY, it’s the end of cold & flu season, but I’ve been hanging on by a thread. However, instead of slowing myself down with gross medicines (I despise cold meds – woof), I’ve gotten a little addicted to the more natural remedies. First of all, I feel fancy as hell buying fresh ginger, and second of all, I feel instantly amazing when I whip up (or purchase – this one’s my fav by Jus by Julie – only 3g carbs) a little germ-murdering elixir. Here‘s a recipe to make these at home if you’re down to clown and give it a whirl. You won’t regret it, especially if you little a little spice in your life!

4. Out of your head, and into a notebook.
Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.28.34 PM
Our poor brains are overloaded with SO MANY NUMBERS and “what if’s” and “how’s” ALL. DAY. and ALL. NIGHT. It’s just not fair to our lil’ noggins to keep things locked up in there all the time! I’ve been feeling a particular pressure lately, as I’ve suddenly started forgetting things like calendar invites and social obligations. I gotta KEEP IT TOGETHER. Yesterday, I went out and bought myself a new notebook. In it, I’ve written down the things that have been bugging me the most, mostly this fear of insulin/low situation, but a few other small goals I’d like to accomplish made their way in there. Now I can look at your little brain-monsters as actionable words on a page, not just a mess in my head. I find that this helps me rationalize. Find real patterns. Not just swirl and swirl and swirl until I’m emotionally and mentally drained by something. It’s almost like admitting a secret to someone. Except it’s a piece of paper and it’s not going to judge you.

5. Pay It Forward.

When I’m in a mood, I gravitate towards indulging myself with empty stuff, like cheese, wine, or This Is Us (Ok, but This is Us is like, real therapy. Just cheaper, so maybe it’s not empty…). We all know these habits are fine well and good, but do they really give me fresh perspective on anything? No. However, a random act of kindness can go a really, really, really, long way in reminding us how much looking outward can heal you inward. It also feels dope to make someone’s day, support a new or different cause that means a lot to someone you care about, or just generally make an effort to give a damn about somebody other than, well…yourself. For example, my coworker is from Los Angeles and she just became an Auntie for the first time. She also happens to be one of the most loving, supportive, generous humans alive so we all knew we had to do something. To surprise her, a bunch of us collected funds to provide her with an airline ticket back to the West Coast to meet her baby nephew and HER REACTION WAS SO AMAZING. It was so simple to participate in such a powerful thing, and it felt incredible to contribute to something she will remember forever. Besides, you’ll never know when you need that Karma back on your side.

Ok, that’s all it is. My favorite fix being the bougie products and the juice shots, duh. I swear, they make me immediately better. I also particularly love being a better person to others – it’s something we could probably all work on quite a bit.

What are some of your go-to’s to get yourself out of a funk? Would love to hear them since I somehow find myself back in these ruts every few months and need help combating the scaries that come on from this crazy-ass life. If you’re an East-Coaster, stay safe from this idiotic storm!

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