Day 2: Build a Nest


Have you ever heard of Hygge? (pronounced hoo-ga) No? Welp, by “definition”

It’s a Danish concept – and is both an adjective (hyggelig) and a feeling, but also a way to live life – pursuing only the things and people that make you really appreciate the moments that make up your life.

One of the key ways to practice this incredibly adorable lifestyle, is by creating an insanely comfortable, cozy, welcoming home or space for yourself.

When depression or anxiety hit, you simply do not feel safe. Your mind tortures you, it exhausts you, it takes you to places ya simply are just not down to go to, and you start to feel like an unsteady shell of yourself.

Comfort is what we craaaaaaaave when we’re feeling this way. We need a place that slows our minds, helps us feel feels again, grounds us to something, and has purpose. And lucky for us, we can get a whole heck of a lot of it with some good old fashioned online shopping to spruce up our homes, no matter where we live.

IMG_6477-2Before you spend your entire Acorns savings on soft things and tea pots, make a list for yourself. What are some things that make you feel really safe? I don’t mean like, “Get Trump out of office, solve the global water crisis, and take YouTube away from every teenage bully,” kind of safe. I mean like, what can you control in your own environment. For me, it’s basking in natural afternoon light, sipping hot tea, looking at palm fronds and cacti, and being wrapped up in something heavy. In college, I would go so far as to throw a towel in the dryer for an hour then I’d curl up in it. Yeah. Weird, I know. 

The whole concept is about curating an environment that makes you feel really good. Little tiny details matter. Bright whites and greys and blue colors matter. Fluffy things and candles matter. Everything you surround yourself with should evoke a feeling of joy, nostalgia, and connection to the world around you. If it doesn’t serve you, quite literally kick it to the curb.

So let’s build our nest, shall we? Below are some basic items I absolutely love in my nest, and will hopefully inspire you to create a calm, secure vibe that we all need when the going gets tough.

Faux Fur Blanket: You can get one of these bad boys anywhere these days, but mine is from Pottery Barn and I’ve had it for years. It means the word to me.
Photo by Paul on Unsplash


Electric Kettle: These things are game changers if you’re a big tea drinker. As an American, it took me entirely too long to learn that proper water boiling and steeping can legit change yer life. Do yourselves a favor and scoop one of these up. (Thanks Mom!)
Image uploaded from iOS (3)

Palm Trees!: 
Plants fix everything. I have many. Like, probably too many. But I think parlor palms are the best place to start because palm trees bring an absurd amount of joy, and they’re resilient if your green thumb stinks. Pro tip: The more alive your home feels, the more alive you will feel.

jordan-whitt-107022Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Candles: Artificial fragrances are a thing I’m fairly consciously trying to get rid of in my house. However, these all-natural alternatives (from the greatest store on earth, I might add) smell even betterand have the healing/restorative super powers from essential oils. Also, if you have pets or kiddos, these battery-powered faux candles are amazing – especially in a bathroom.

jessica-arends-419458Photo by Jessica Arends on Unsplash

Wall hanging: Embracing nature and bringing in elements from it are super important to help you feel grounded, connected, and at peace. Consider investing in a piece of art that evokes that feeling for you. I just got a Macremé wall hanging, and it brings me MUCHO ZEN and makes me think of clouds and sheep. Both of which are awesome things.



Make it Yours: Obviously, there is a theme here aesthetically. It’s Boho meets Denmark meets Brooklyn. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Customize your space with photos that bring you joy, evoke happy memories, remind you of people that matter to you, and just absorb alllllll that good energy. We recently got this photo printed and framed on Shutterfly from our trip to Croatia last summer, and it’s my new favorite thing in the whole wide world. Also shout out to Grace Bonney and Sam Talbot, two of my favorite T1D’s – can you spot their books front and center on top of my hutch?

Now remember, the goal is to build a nest, not go crazy or do anything too extravagant. Safety and simplicity are the key to success when you’re trying to turn your brain off, and bring yourself back to the basics.

Remember! Until the February 15th, I’m doing a daily post with a different way I’ve combated burnout and seasonal depression. But this is a 2-way street! I want to know how you all manage your burnouts or seasonal depression, so tag your photos and help inspire others by using the hashtag #GimmeSomeSugarChallenge.

Check out my Instagram for more, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about going outside. 

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