Day 5: Invest In Something Beautiful

GSS COVER PHOTOS (2)A year ago, clean beauty products changed my world. I never realized how much self-confidence (and dare I say a bit of ego?) I could build just off of educating myself on something that is not just good for me, but makes me feel beautiful. Not a day goes by now where I don’t tell people about some of the simple switches I’ve made, and the places I’ve gone to find new products that I love.

This transition gave me something new to think about and look forward to – almost as a hobby – and I found joy and excitement in procuring my new little collection of goodies. I felt a sense of pride and ownership over this venture, and that gave me such a healthy little boost.

But this doesn’t have to be about makeup! There are so many ways to treat yourself to something that’s beautiful but also good for you.

Other ways to do this are:

A saucy new pair of running sneakers
Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.07.05 PM






Crystals! I just got back from Sedona and I totally stocked up on a few shiny little babies. People think I’m crazy, but I think they’re beautiful and symbolic and Imma pray to whatever I want!

A fancy little back massager. I got this last year and it’s the best little thing to lay on while I’m on the couch or before bed. It heats up, and even though it looks a little promiscuous (hehe), it’s a fabulous way to relieve some stress.
Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.21.20 PM

A new journal. I recently bought myself an 18-month planner from Rifle Paper Co., and I had so much fun filling it in (gross, I know)But psycho list-lady aside, I really got a lot of joy entering in all the special dates coming up this year that I get to look forward to.
Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.29.34 PM

An essential oil diffuser. I love my little diffuser. It’s so fun to play around with different oils and research the health benefits of them. It also helps now that I have a smelly cat and I can keep this baby running even when I’m not home to mask his poopies. 
Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.02.37 PM







Remember! Until the February 15th, I’m doing a daily post with a different way I’ve combated burnout and seasonal depression. But this is a 2-way street! I want to know how you all manage your burnouts or seasonal depression, so tag your photos and help inspire others by using the hashtag #GimmeSomeSugarChallenge.

Check out my Instagram for more, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

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