My Favorite Few

girl on phoneThe Internet is a wild and crazy place these days. There are a bazillion blogs, websites, and Instagram accounts, and it can be an intimidating place to navigate. I also have a serious fear of fakeness. As someone who struggles with the whole illusion of living a double life (@ihavethesugars is not my only Instagram account…), I really love a gal on the Internet who keeps it real, and provides positive value to my life.

Over time I’ve developed a list of women who I really lean on for motivation, inspiration, comfort, and joy on Instagram. Check ’em out below!


Ali Maffucci Cerda is a machine. She created her own version of a vegetable spiralizer and with it, a beautiful blog, multiple cookbooks, and one of the most charmingly entertaining Instagram story presences I’ve ever seen (particularly when featuring her adorable husband, Lu). Ali is not a t1d, but she has shared her challenges with food, dieting, and body image and how they have guided journey to mega influencer and one of the most radiant pregnant women I’ve ever seen. Not only do I SINCERELY appreciate the delicious low-carb recipes she’s whips up with zoodles and sweet potatoes, I respect the hell out of her as an entrepreneur and hustler. Girlfriend’s got it goin’ on. Give her a follower and be prepared to enjoy zucchini for the first time ever!

Lauren Bongiorno

The first time I met Lauren, a little firework went off somewhere. I love Lauren Bongiorno. She has such a bright, approachable energy, but a fiery Italian core. We’ve only known each other for a few months, but already Lauren has made an enormous impact on my life both digitally and IRL. She is a giver and a teacher, and is one of the most fun human beings in the universe to spend time with. Lauren’s story dips back into her college days as a division 1 soccer player with type 1 diabetes, her obsession with perfect numbers and weight, and ultimately her awakening into an entirely new mindset and life path. Now an avid yogi and Barry’s Bootcamper, Lauren is dedicated to helping others find their inner Tony Robbins. She is a diabetic health coach and my own personal zen guru. If nothing else, following this girls’ Instagram will bring a heavy dose of realness and physical motivation into your feed. She’s always on the move. Also be on the lookout for her early morning dance parties and 9pm guided meditations. They’re the best.

Damsel In Dior

I’m really not that into fashion bloggers, but when I grow up, I want to be Jacey Duprie aka Damsel In Dior. This chick speaks to me on every level. Jacey is not your traditionally snobby, blasé sense of humor, rosé slugging Hamptonite. She’s a a Veuve girl. Anyway Jacey grew up in South Texas with a cotton farming family, so there’s no whiff of eliteness in her tone. She also has an amazing sense of humor, swears a lot, has two dope bulldogs, and keeps herself in check as fame and free couture follow her around the world. She also has the tiniest lil’ tattoos and to me, that makes her eeeeeven cooler.


The Cheney family’s story is unbelievable. Follow this feed for all the feels about an amazing t1 momma (Keary) and her hubby (Justin) who were in the midst of adopting their son, Oliver, in Uganda, when Keary went into a coma and was diagnosed with type 1. While she was getting her treatment up and running and her husband manned the adoption efforts in Africa, the couple received news about another child in Uganda in need of a home. The only catch this time was that this little girl had recently been diagnosed with type 1 as well. The rest is history and this stunning family of 4 now lives in a RV in California and ugh, yeah, they’re just so awesome.

Whitney Lewis

Whitney Lewis has helped coach me out of my low fears. Like… alot. She’s also helped me navigate getting back in shape with said low fear. Whitney is a fitness nut and foodie and she does all the heavy lifting for me (well, it feels like it’s for me) because she’s constantly experimenting with different types of insulin doses and recipes and how they affect physical performance, bloat, and overall wellness. If you are ever feeling burned out, or like you’ve run out of options with your routine and want some new ideas and perspective to wake your system up, Whitney is your gal.

Lee From America

I recently started following Lee Tilghman, an LA based recipe developer and fitness buff, and she’s awesome. I like Lee because she has a sense of humor about how weird we’ve all gotten with food, dietary supplements, beauty, and fitness trends, and that’s refreshing. For low glycemic and plant-based recipes, envy-worthy interior design, solo dance parties and hilarious commentary…go to Lee from America. She also says ‘bloobie’ for blueberry and I find that endearing.


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